AI In the Workplace Guide and Policy Template

AI is changing how we work, and it's important to make sure it's used in a fair and responsible way. Our comprehensive guide and policy template will provide the tools you need to understand and effectively create an AI policy in your workplace. When you’re done, your policy will have:

A Clear Goal and Promise

Your AI policy will have a clear goal and commitment statement that emphasizes your company's mission to use AI in a fair and responsible manner.

A Team to Maintain Diversity

Your AI policy will create a team to review AI decisions for fairness and maintain equal opportunities for your staff.

Two professionals collaborating and sharing a moment of camaraderie over a laptop in a bright, modern office space.

A Fair Process for Using AI

Your AI policy will have clear rules for how, when, and where AI will be used in your company. 

A Way to Protect Staff Privacy

Your AI policy will improve employee trust by showing how you’ll keep your team’s information private and secure.

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