Stress-Free Support for New Parent and Director at Rite Aid

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The Mission

The Benefits Director at Rite Aid was preparing for a well-deserved maternity leave of 4 months after the birth of her baby. We wanted to work closely with her team while she was away to make sure that tasks were completed on time and projects were successful. Our goal was to give her the time she needed to care for her new baby without worrying about work.

The Outcome

Our experienced staff seamlessly stepped into her role. We provided short-term staffing, acted as temporary leaders, offered training during her absence and return, managed open enrollment, handled vendor changes, and reviewed leave benefits. We became part of their team and helped Rite Aid complete several HR projects successfully.

The Impact

Our partnership with Rite Aid was a success. We met their goals and were given more opportunities as we showed our HR expertise. We successfully managed projects like open enrollment and vendor changes, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. When their director returned from maternity leave, she felt relieved by the smooth transition. We stayed onboard for her first few weeks to get her fully up to speed on what happened during her leave. This successful partnership has made Rite Aid a returning client, and we continue to provide them with the expert HR support and guidance they need.


Fractional Leadership Support
Transitional Training
Open Enrollment Management
Vendor Implementation
Leave Benefits Audit


Interim Benefits Director
Temporary Compensation Team Member
Temporary Total Rewards Team Member

The Story

When Rite Aid's Benefits Director announced she would be having a baby, her team was thrilled. They wanted to support her pregnancy and the leave of absence that would follow. Plus, they were excited to meet her new family member. But they were nervous. They needed to prepare for her 4-month absence and find a way to keep her team productive and motivated, even while their manager was away. And they needed to figure out how to keep their director focused on her new baby while feeling confident her team was well-supported.

As time passed, the team worried they had no good options. What if they couldn’t find someone who could step into the role? They needed a solution to maintain their staff’s well-being and keep the company’s operational momentum. That’s when Lauren, our founder, messaged their HR Director on LinkedIn.

"Filling the short-term gaps on our team was something I didn't think was possible. Our plan to was muddle through somehow. Now that we have a partner in Next Level Benefits, we know we will always have the ability to to keep our team's bandwidth consistent."

VP, Total Rewards

Rite Aid

Their response was immediate and marked the beginning of a strong partnership. With our team on board, their director started her leave knowing that with years of leadership experience, we could support her team during her absence.

We managed their yearly open enrollment program with ease, reviewed and improved their employee benefits package, and introduced new vendors to help make their day-to-day work more efficient. We became trusted leaders, providing guidance and support to help their HR pros make smarter decisions.

And our timing couldn't have been better. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rite Aid was labeled an essential business, meaning they had to keep their locations open. We were the shoulder they leaned on as this global challenge stress-tested their HR team and the company's staff.

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When the Benefits Director returned, we dedicated four weeks to help her ease back into her role. We created detailed documentation about what she'd missed while on leave, making it easier to rejoin the team. And, because we'd become so familiar with the team's way of working, she could return to work slowly, part-time, over those few weeks. This gave her the chance to figure out the best childcare options for her and her family. But, most importantly, she returned to work feeling welcomed, supported, and ready to pick up where she left off.

With our help, Rite Aid always met its HR goals, easing the heavy workload that can happen when employees take long breaks. We've stayed their go-to HR resource through staff shortages and promotions and continue to be a trusted partner.

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