Building Employee Trust With Robert Morris University


The Mission

The HR team at Robert Morris University (RMU) had too many tasks on their to-do list and not enough people to do them. They needed to find a way to get more work done without hiring another full-time team member. And they needed to be available to help other employees with their HR concerns across the university.

The Outcome

We stepped in to provide temporary support to the RMU team. We used our experience in people management and human resources support on college campuses to help solve employee problems. Our consultant handled these challenges fairly, quickly becoming a valued member of the team.

The Impact

With our help, RMU's HR team was able to focus on projects that helped the university grow and succeed. They improved their communication with university staff, building trust and creating a more positive workplace environment. And we continue to provide valuable information for future HR projects and challenges.


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The Story

So little time, so much to do. That was the overwhelming feeling within the HR department at Robert Morris University. They knew they didn't have enough staff to help employees with HR issues, and their own team was struggling with burnout. Their plate was overflowing, and each day felt like a race against time.

To help fight this suffocating feeling, they turned to outside help. They hired a part-time staff member they hoped could take on employee investigations. But that teammate quickly became overwhelmed, too! Realizing the workload was impossible for just one person to handle, they started back at square one. They didn't have the budget for a full-time employee and needed a specific type of expertise to manage their growing workload. That's where we stepped in.

“Jeff is an absolute DREAM, and we are so glad to have him.”

Vice President of People & Culture

Robert Morris University

We provided on-demand support with an experienced consultant familiar with handling employee relations and higher education. They seamlessly joined the RMU HR team, helping to manage their internal investigations, solve staff concerns, and more. The RMU team learned to rely on us like full-time employees with the added benefit of years of human resources experience.

Over the course of a year, the RMU team felt a weight lift from their shoulders. They could finally breathe, turning their attention to important projects focused on the university's future success. RMU has found a reliable partner to help manage its HR programs and employee relations.


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