Next Level Knowledge: Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

July 31, 2023
5 min read

Caregivers play a vital role in our society, providing essential support to ailing family members and loved ones. However, caregiving responsibilities often come with significant challenges, especially for those juggling work and caregiving duties. At Next Level Benefits, we recognize the importance of caregiver support in the workplace and advocate for employers to make it a top priority. We hope to shed light on the struggles faced by working caregivers and explore meaningful ways employers can step up to provide the necessary support.

The Struggles of Working Caregivers

Caregivers encompass a diverse group, from parents of young children to individuals caring for aging relatives or family members with disabilities. Unfortunately, women often bear the brunt of caregiving responsibilities, leading to interruptions in their careers and challenges in career advancement. Studies show that employed caregivers may reduce their work hours or even leave the workforce altogether to fulfill their caregiving duties, resulting in long-term impacts on their professional trajectory.

The Toll on Working Caregivers

The delicate balance of caregiving arrangements can be disrupted easily, causing significant stress and strain on working caregivers. These disruptions can lead to furloughs or job loss, contributing to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. The toll on productivity is also substantial, with many caregivers experiencing absenteeism and presenteeism - where they are physically present at work but struggle to fully focus on their job due to caregiving responsibilities.

Supporting Working Caregivers

Employers have a critical role to play in supporting their working caregivers. Understanding and acknowledging caregiver strain and burnout is essential. Here are some strategies employers can implement to foster a supportive work environment for caregivers.


Offer a range of benefits and resources that cater to the needs of working caregivers. From everyday care support, including subsidies and funding, to emergency support and flexibility in work arrangements, these measures can ease the burden of caregiving responsibilities.


Embed and accelerate new ways of working, such as flexible work schedules, part-time options, and job sharing. Providing employees with flexibility in when, how much, and where they work can help them strike a balance between work and caregiving responsibilities.


Make sure that taking advantage of flexibility options does not hinder career advancement. By creating a culture that values work-life balance for caregivers, employers can enable caregivers to thrive both personally and professionally.


Create a culture of openness and inclusion, where employees feel comfortable discussing their caregiving needs and challenges. Elevate senior role models who exemplify work-life balance for caregivers, reinforcing the organization's commitment to supporting their workforce.

Working caregivers play an integral role in both their families and their workplaces. Employers have a responsibility to recognize the challenges faced by caregivers and provide meaningful support to help them navigate their caregiving responsibilities while maintaining their professional aspirations. By listening to caregivers' needs, offering tailored benefits, embracing flexibility, and fostering an inclusive work culture, employers can make a positive impact on the lives of their working caregivers.

At Next Level Benefits, we advocate for caregiver support in the workplace and offer HR consulting services to help organizations implement these strategies and create a thriving, caregiver-friendly work environment.

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